Question Regarding Advanced OS Platform Info (Windows Theme)

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  • I'm casually playing around with NW.js and doing some modifications in order to create stuff like "native" applications. Now I've reached a point where I would like to fetch some OS related information using JS or other web-tech.

    I know this information is very specific but I would like to fetch, if the OS supports transparent windows. On OSX it's generally not an issue, since pretty much all versions support it but on Windows, users could have a theme (e.g. non-aero), which doesn't support transparent windows.

    Construct 3 doesn't seem to have an expression to fetch OS related information at all. From what I could find there is only a browser expression, which returns a simple string like "win32" at best.

    Here is a detailed question I've already asked the NW.js team but noone responded yet.

    The question basically is: Can you fetch OS information, including the currently used theme (e.g. aero)?

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  • Found a workaround by checking the background opacity level. Guess that fetching detailed OS info like this is impossible anyway.

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