Question about projects saving - local and on the cloud

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  • How are project's asset files handled exactly by construct3?

    We found that it can save to the cloud - to third party services such as dropbox and onedrive. To save locally, construct3 downloads a zipped project folder.

    This however leaves the question of game assets. How do you import them, how do you edit them and iterate?

    Lets say you have a bunch of sprites that you want to edit with an external app, after they are already in the game. Can you simply open the files that construct3 is using directly,then do your changes and hit save? Will construct3 automatically reload those assets? Where are those assets? If they are on the web, they probably get downloaded/uploaded by dropbox or whatever service you have?

    Or do you have to go through some kind of a process where you download your project, unzip it, replace the files, reopen the project... I am confused

    What happens if you dont have any internet connection or you are not using a web host?

    Dropbox recently dropped support for direct linking to files. Does that affect construct3?

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