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  • Hi Ashley, I am developing a fairly large game for mobile and have already achieved quite good performance with a large number of objects. But still, when testing via Remote Preview in the Chrome browser on mobile, I get a smoother game without jerks than when exporting to apk and installing on mobile. The CPU and FPS score is about the same in both cases, but when running from the apk, I get more jerks. What can this be related to? I noticed that my Samsung phone doesn't detect the exported apk as a game app, can this affect performance?


  • I have noticed the same thing since I began my journey with construct 3.

    According to my experience, switching ON all export parameters (image compression , no-reduplication, minification ) makes the game much more smoother (and exactly same feel which I get in a remote preview)

    But unfortunately,I can't now switch ON advanced minification, because when I do so, my game hangs on loading bar. This is happening from that point when construct moved from Babel to Google spript minification

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  • And adding extra, nowadays I want screen recording feature (I need it in my project). But alas, I got disappointed when I gave a try to game recorder plugin. It is slow as hell(I am not even using physics and fps drops down to 2).

    And someone please don't strike back saying that recording natively demands a good performance. I can achieve fair performance in other engines and even for construct 3, I press volume up+power button to record the screen (it would had been more cool to record the screen through inbuilt code)

  • Modemi4 please don't hijack other people's threads. If you want to request help then please create your own thread. Also please bear in mind that this is an English-language forum, so you should be posting in English.

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