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  • Hello, have you considered the option of paying for updates ?.

    The user would pay 100 USD for one year of updates, when the year elapses the user no longer receives new updates until a new payment is made.

    The user gets C3 with the only limitation that he can not receive updates but he can continue editing his projects.

    A connection is still required at least every week to avoid piracy problems.

    To me (and I think for many more users) this form seems satisfactory and I would acquire C3, I would probably update it too often.

  • We've talked about this before. If we allow usage of older versions in this way, we would have a responsibility to patch these old versions when there are breaking changes or bugs identified. Keeping as many users as possible on the latest version speeds up development, simplifies maintenance and reflects better on the product in the long run.

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  • I understand that the chances of there being a new payment method are almost nil.

    Thanks for the info.

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