Question about "construct-mobile-advert" and IPA size

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  • Hi

    I use Phonegap to compile my games. My game used to be 1.5mb but after I add "construct-mobile-advert" for ads the .IPA grows to 58mb. This is when I download the .IPA from phonegap.

    The install size grows from 6mb to 18mb.

    Anyone know why "construct-mobile-advert" add to the size? :D

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  • The native code in the admob SDK is quite large. It's not really clear why. Our code around the SDK is around 80KB before compilation, so there's not much we can do to reduce it.

    Apple is quite generous about app size so you don't need to worry about any limits, and I don't believe users will download that full IPA. Apple does code recompilation and optimisation before sending an app package to users.

  • Hi

    OK, I just got a feeling I was doing something wrong. :)

    My game takes about 23mb when installed on my iPhone so it's still quite small compared to other games like mine.

    BTW my ads work fine if I choose to see relevant ads. But if I choose to see "less relevant ads" no ads are showing while I am testing my app (using test mode).

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