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  • Say you have a character who throws a ball that destroys the other sprites. Whenever a sprite is destroyed, a point is added in a scoring point screen (the text object). If a large number of points accumulated in the scoring point screen (the text object), although there are not enough sprites to destroy for the opportunity to accumulate this quantity of points. Do you know what's causing this problem?

  • This would be easier to diagnose by seeing your project/events.

  • To oosyrag:

    Here's a picture of the area in my Event Sheet where a ball enters in collision with a cube and a point is added to the player's point screen. You can observe it and tell me what's causing the big numbers to appear in the player's point screen if destroying a cube only allow the player to win 1 point.

    This is the picture of my Event Sheet:

  • Find all your uses of PlayerPoints4 using search. Perhaps you are adding to it elsewhere as well?

    Find all your uses of txtPlayerPoints4 using search. Perhaps you are putting something other than PlayerPoints4 into the text?

  • To WINKR7:

    Yes, the txtPlayerPoints4 and the PlayerPoints4 are used elsewhere in the same Event Sheet because a ball can destroy the cubes and laser beams from a turret can also destroy the cubes and add points in the same scoreboard (text object). But what's strange is in other levels where the Turrets don't exist the same problem can be generated.

  • Do you have multiple balls? Are they moving quickly?

    If it is possible for two balls to collide with the same cube on a single tick then you would have one cube destroyed counted twice.

  • To oosyrag:

    There are only 2 balls and yes they are moving quickly. No, one ball can only touch the cubes of the opponent and the other ball can only touch the player's cubes.

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  • Then perhaps you are spawning multiple overlapping cubes somehow?

  • To oosyrag:

    No, no cubes are overlapping other cubes because they are located on the same layer and there is no cube who is placed at the top of another one in the layout. I will continue my research, I am working on it this morning. If you are any other member of the Forum find something you can contact me via this Forum.

  • To oosyrag:

    I have found the problem, there was an "Appen PlayerPoints" action in the Event Sheet, rather than a "Set text to PlayerPoints4" action. I have found that two times in two different Event Sheet. Thanks for your assistance!

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