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  • If I understand correctly, Android devices have something called a "maximum heap size", the maximum amount of RAM available for an app. So for a 3GB Android tablet, the max heap size would be about 512MB, depending on what the manufactorer sets it at. If you wanted to target a lot of devices, you might set a 128MB or so heap size though.

    My question is, will the Max Heap Size set by the device manufactorer affect the performance of Construct 3 or the Chrome web browser while using Construct 3 on the Android device? If you have the time, a sentence or two explanation might be good too, so I understand.

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  • I've never heard about such limitations being in place on Android. Such arbitrary limits would not improve anything and would seriously affect performance, so I don't see any technical reason that would ever be put in place. Where did you find out about this?

  • I learned about it from other forums. Strangely enough, most of the info is contained on forums and not necessarily on official articles. That being said, if you look at the build.prop of an Android device it will list Heap sizes. I have also heard that iOS has similar constraints.

    Here is an article which mentions it. ... .4ki7jdloo

  • I don't think that more demanding games would fit into that, so it seems unlikely that there would be such a limit. I'm not sure how much RAM Hearthstone eats on Android, but I bet more than 512MB.

  • Strangely enough, most of the info is contained on forums and not necessarily on official articles.

    Hmm... and everything you read on the Internet must be true, right?

    Even if there are limits, I'm sure Google have done whatever is necessary to mitigate them in Chrome. As far as I'm aware there are no memory limits affecting Chrome.

  • I have some good news. I just tried a really messy 600MB RAM Construct 2 project on an Android phone with a 128MB heap and 2GB actual RAM and it worked!

    I'm willing to call the whole heap size thing mostly a myth I guess.

    Sorry about the confusion. But I doubt I would have had the motivation to try it had I not posted about it.

    Thanks Ashley. And sorry for getting you worried.

  • See para Check how much memory you should use from

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