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  • Hello Ashley!

    Perhaps you already know that Microsoft has shut down the Ad Monetization Platform since June 1 and now developers are looking for a new advertising platform for monetization. Therefore, you can remove the Pubcenter plugin from Сonstruct 3.

    I found a way to add web ads to UWP projects created by Construct (ads from and for example) to integrate it, you need to add a script to the header for initialization. But JS UWP projects do not support the execution of inline scripts from the header for security reasons. To workaround this you need to change the protocol from ms-appx to ms-appx-web after these changes, the inline script works and the ads is loads. You can see an example here:

    But along with this, a large number of game crashes with an error appear in the dev console:


    I can’t reproduce this, and there is no log for this error in the dev console, but it very often happens with users. If you use the default protocol ms-appx, this failure does not occur.

    What do you think this may be connected with? Is it possible that something breaks in the Construct when changing the protocol? Or this error is not related to the Construct?

    I just would like to be able to monetize my UWP games and would be glad if you could help deal me with this problem.

  • I have no idea. The protocol is part of Windows and is nothing to do with Construct. I think you will have to contact Microsoft support.

    If you can't use inline scripts, there is an obvious workaround: paste the content in to a .js file and use a normal <script src="..."></script> tag instead.

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  • Thank you for answer Ashley!

    I tried to do this, but still getting this error:

  • Are there any plans to add a new (official) plugin for Windows UWP Ads?

    Or is selling it or IAP via the Windows Store plugin the only way to make monea with your game?

    Ads on Windows and Xbox for free games would be great.

  • Given that Microsoft dropped support for JavaScript UWP projects in Visual Studio 2019, forcing anyone to wants to keep using it to use the older Visual Studio 2017, I get the impression Microsoft are slowly trying to retire UWP apps. I don't want to do any maintenance or new features for UWP projects if Microsoft's plan is ultimately to drop it.

  • Really? I did not use visual studio for a while. So if I update I can't create UWP games for Xbox anymore? 😱

  • That's right, Visual Studio 2019 appears to have dropped support for JavaScript UWP projects, which is why we document that you have to use Visual Studio 2017 specifically. Usually dropping support in the latest release is the first step in retiring support completely. I would expect that eventually the Microsoft Store will stop accepting JavaScript UWP projects, at the latest by the time VS2017 reaches its end of life (probably by 2022 judging by the mainstream support period), since by then there will be no actively supported version of Visual Studio that supports JavaScript UWP projects.

    This also raises the question about whether we should keep or remove the UWP export in Construct 3. They are by far the least used exporters. This always surprised me, given how much people talk about how much they want console support, and this being the only officially supported way to publish to Xbox One. It seems in the end hardly anyone actually uses it. I guess people are using publishers who do console ports instead. Frustratingly I've not been able to find any official line from Microsoft about this, so I don't know what their plans are. So I guess we keep it so long as VS2017 is supported and the Microsoft Store accepts its apps. But given this situation, it doesn't seem remotely worth the effort doing any further development work on it ourselves at all.

  • I've noticed a nice increase of Construct games on Xbox in the past year, there's even one in Game Pass.

    So it's obviously still a target for developers, of course we have no way to tell how they got there.

    I'd hate to think that using a third party is going to wind up being the only way.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    I hope they keep supporting it. I published a few games on Xbox and want to continue to make games for console. But the discontinued PubCenter is bad for free games.

    Multiplayer and Xbox Plugins are one of the best and my favorites. :)

    newt Which one in Game Pass is made with Construct? As far as I know a few are in IDqzi@Xbox and in the "normal" store (not UWP games in creators collection like mine).

  • Hypnospace Outlaw.

    No idea which version.

  • I don't believe any of that is the case at all.

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