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  • It would be interesting if we have an official C3 plugin available to notify users both on the web and on their smartphones.

    I spent hours and hours searching the internet to find the solution to find this missing and only found plugins outdated, being that they are in the same store and do not provide the necessary support. I understand the approach that a team has to develop activities, but my question is ...

    How difficult is it to be able to carry out a plugin with official support with this feature?

    I suppose that platforms like Firebase and Onesignal among others can be of help to start.

    For the C3 community, I think it would be great to have it.


  • The main issue is you need a server to send the push notifications, which means hosting costs, server-side code, etc.

  • First, thank you for answering Ashley, 6 years ago that I have been following you from Construct Classic and it is very important to me and for the community that you can stay active, in your times, through the forum.

    With support I mean that they give us the "plugin" tool to do the rest for us.

    I suppose I should have documentation on how to apply it to these servers and the rest would be to link it to Onesignal or Firebase already on our own. The support would be to be updated the plugin before any change of Onesignal or Firebase and still be compatible with C3.

    On the other hand, if all the above mentioned is not possible.

    Provide facilities to users to implement these tools with documentation for those who want to venture (with some intermediate knowledge) to make a plugin on their own.

    For example there is the option of Enhance. But I still have no idea how it works and link it to C3 push notifications, the One signal server. This may be the responsibility of Enhance but it would be good to be able to offer this service having already done half.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Given we market primarily to non-technical users, I think the appeal of a "do it yourself" plugin will be limited. This also has a high opportunity cost for us since we're a small team and deal with hundreds of bug reports and feature requests. So I think either we would have to go the full way and implement the hosting part ourselves (a ton of work + ongoing hosting expenses), or just leave it to third-party addons, which I think is the best approach right now.

  • Would be great if someone could make a plugin for us, maybe using "OneSignal" (or something else that's free).

    I'd certainly pay for it.

  • Certainly, thank you for your answer ASHLEY.

    I hope that other users see this publication and can comment, leaving the support to create the plugin and others interested in developing it, like jagoman, the opinion that has great to have this add, pay to have it updated and linked to an account from Onesignal or Firebase.

    Of course, with documentation, some tutorial and the corresponding maintenance. Applying the necessary values ​​is an interesting option.

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  • A plugin for notifications would be great. Search did not find any in the plugin database. 😔

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