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  • Hello I have my game finished and since Construct 3 I have exported it to NWJS in MacOSX64 when testing the game works perfectly the question is how do I publish it to the MAS Mac Apple Store I have not a clue how to do it being a .app file not me Lets it upload by Application Loader because it has to be a signed PKG, and XCode will not let me open it either

    Thank in advance

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  • Has anybody published a game to the mac app store?

  • At the moment for me it is impossible to publish my game, I have already followed all the steps of Apple and NWJS from his wiki with the instructions of MAS but there is no human way that works me gives me many errors when doing the codesign because in the Wiki NWJS files are different from those generated by Construct when exporting the game.

    So i'm stuck there i think Construct's developers must bring us an alternative or at least a tutorial very described on "How to publish my Game to Mac Apple Store" since there is a feature that is announced in his Home page, i have 11 o 12 iOS app published one of it's a Construct2 game and in IOS there is no such a complicated process, just use Cordova and everything goes fine, but for Mac is really a mystery how to publish a game.

    Another thing I can not believe is that Construct2 developers with the benefits they have do not invest in hiring developers for Mac and iOS to teach us how to publish our games in these stores.

    Anyway I hope someone helps us with this in the future

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