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  • Exporting to PS4 and/or Switch has been a ongoing problem and it doesn't seem like Sony or Nintendo are doing anything to help.

    I really like how Scirra doesn't charge for xbox exports but they could hire a exporting team such as matpow2(who seems to be busy because they never responded to any of my emails) or someone else and charge around what GameMaker charges which GameMaker charges $799.99 a year for one platform and $1,499.99 a year for all platforms.

    It is a reasonable price and it would really help the future of Construct.

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  • I don't think we have the resources to do this. Even if we charged a lot for it, the huge amount of work involved could easily consume so much of our resources to halt all progress in all other areas for a year or more, which would have such serious consequences for Construct that it would probably cost us far more than we'd ever make with the exporters. Meanwhile if Sony or Nintendo did suddenly release a web framework, all of that work is essentially wasted, representing a huge opportunity cost.

    Pretty much the only reason we can do everything we've done - and a major factor in our success - is the fact we have a single codebase covering all supported platforms. I don't think it's wise to think about throwing all that out the window, even if it gets us console support. There are third-party developers who are working on ports, so there are options out there - and other than that, I think I'd rather wait and see if any other console web frameworks appear. Microsoft have done a good job of supporting HTML5 on the Xbox One so it can be done!

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