Very promising game engine, but it's way too expensive :(

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  • Hi, I'm a beginner game developer hobbyist, and I'm looking for the best engine for myself. I tried GameMaker Studio 2, GDevelop 5 and Godot already. I heard many times about Construct 2 and 3, so I decided to check your engine.

    I have to admit it looks very promising, and after a few tutorials I see huge potential, but free version is too limited, and price for subscription is way too expensive for me. I'm from Poland, and the price in my currency is crazy. :(

    In my opinion, you should change free limits similar to GMS2. For me, there's no other option, than stay with Godot and eventually GD5 for smaller projects without coding.

    It's a pity because I started to like Construct 3... Maybe someday you'll change the price, especially since the free competition is getting better and better.

  • I think the currency issue is real, but other engines lowering their price isn't an argument. That's just the laws of supply and demand doing their thing.

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  • As I wrote before, I really like the way how you create your games in Construct 3. I only regret, I can't use it for free like GameMaker Studio 2. I don't want to sell my games, I'm just a hobbyst, so I wish to have possibility to make my games without limitation. If I decide to publish, or sell my game, then I should pay the fee.

    Fortunately we have quite a big variety of game engines to choose, and many of them are for free.

  • That's why they are free.

    There is no free version of C3.

    There is a limited version, but its not free, at least not free for commercial use.

    Its only there to let potential buyers see how it works.

    C3 runs off the "as a service" method.

    Subscriptions ensure updates and further development.

  • c3 need become hard develope h5 tech. if you real love it. and hope c3 better to better .Please support c3 development

  • I would really like to support Construct 3, but for more reasonable price. Right now I can't do that, but I wish all for you lots of great games made in C3. :)

  • We understand Construct 3 is relatively expensive in some countries in the EU, I'm afraid due to EU law we must charge the same in all countries in the EU - this makes pricing a tricky balance.

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