All my projects from Construct 2 free now exceed Construct 3

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  • ...Construct 3's limitations

    Was this a decision to make more money, or will this be fixed because I really wanted to use Construct 3 free to edit my older Construct 2 FREE projects. Or is this simply a beta problem.

  • They said they chose to make it more limited so that it would force users to pay for the full version, because they had seen that there were a lot of users of c2 that weren't using the full version and were just fine using 100 events to make games. So yea, they want them to pay for the more events.

    I don't know if that is the only reason, but it sounds like the main reason.

  • Apparently there aren't enough conversions from the free version of c2 to the paid version, so for c3 the event limit was cut in half.

  • I'm wondering if the stricter limit will actually encourage more conversions. If someone is okay with 100 events, seems like they'd be okay with 50 as well. I mean, how complicated are the games they're making? They probably design their games to whatever the limit is. In which case, I guess it doesn't matter what the limit is.

  • EDIT: I have 1-4 event sheets*

    Does anyone have a list of the limitations Construct 3 faces?

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  • the limitations can be seen in your account window in C3. But they are rediculous. I meen you can hardly make a game with 100 events, but 50? I would like to try C3 although I don't like the subscription model. But when I've seen the limitations I immediately closed the window and went back to C2.

  • I wonder how they came to that conclusion because we can yet to buy(subscribe) C3? The numbers? Or just general feel of the talks on forums? I think it is a pity it has been lowered. 100 is low enough. But yeah, their choice, nothing we can do about it.

  • I see it now...let me read it.....40 events..2 layers..2 effects..and....1 font......




    You know what... I think I'm also going to stick with Construct 2, if Construct 3 was a one time pay, I'd be fine with's not. Not just that, but the free version of C3 sucks and if you want no limitations you'll need to pay a subscription which really stonks.

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