Is my project to Large?

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  • So I have created a statistics project. At this time the largest issue I am finding is that I have atleast 40,000 events if not much more. The project is about 11MB in size when saved it has slowed down but now it crashes everytime I start to do anything even crashes when I save. Have I hit the limit of the program or is it my computer.

    I am using an HP envy laptop with 16 gb ram and an i7 processor.

    I am using the 121r but have always had issues of it slowing down the larger my project gets. I have just increased it greatly and I am hoping that is not the issue.

    Anyone have any Ideas?

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  • That sounds like an absurd number of events. What could you possibly need them for?

    If you're doing something like copying and pasting whole lists of events and changing a number in each one, you can usually replace that with a better designed method, e.g. a loop or function.

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