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  • Hi guys, I'm in need of some help, if possible.

    Yesterday I started using C3 on my desktop (Win 7 Pro, SP1, fully patched, 64 bit) - on which I've been using C2

    for years without ever a problem - and everything's fine until Project->Export: any attempt to export even the smaller/simpler project to Android/iOS goes wrong ("Failed to export project" pops up). Surprisingly, the export

    to HTML works (!). The preview of course works perfectly.

    I'm using C3 desktop build, subscription plan, last stable version (r89) with a few converted third party addons (Rex's stuff etc), and I'm working offline.

    I tried projects with just one sprite, one layout and one event and no plugins. I tried to change every parameter in Android

    export (Minimize or not, recompress images or not, Cordova project, debug apk, ver. 5.0 or 8.0...). I tried even to

    re-download C3 and to use the "beta" (instead of "stable") channel, and tried to export when online. No results.

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance

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  • If the latest beta release still has a problem, please file a bug here:

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