Problems with Geolocation and Android

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  • Hello, I've been trying to use geolocation to generate a real map within a game, but something is wrong.

    For the time being I didn't create anything, I just took the available template and tried to use it. When I'm testing with the remote preview and my phone the geolocation works normally. But if I compile a debug apk and install the app on my phone, it shows Illegal Access, and it doesn't load the location.

    I encountered the same problem, but not in the construct on that site, but the solution to the problem is to remove the plugin and install it again. I tried this in the construct, deleted the plugin, and recreated the commands, but it didn't work.

    my phone is a Redmi Note 8 Pro, but I also tested it on a Redmi A3 and the same thing happened.

    Does anyone know how to solve?


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