Problems to create the subfolders of the "Files" folder

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  • I am creating several subfolders under the "File" folder (project folder) and when I generated the executable using the NW.js, the subfolders weren't created and the files are appearing with the other files in the root. What I'm doing wrong?

  • You are not doing anything wrong, this is how it's designed.

    I believe you can move files manually to subfolders after exporting your game, but you will need to update all AJAX calls - replace "AJAX request project file" with "AJAX request URL -> subfolder/filename"

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  • Hi dop2000 thanks for helping me. I want to try your suggestion, but I don't know where I need to make this change. I am not using Ajax object but I believe it should be part of NW.js. Am I right? Do I need to edit some file or I've to do this directly on C3 event sheet?

  • So what are these files for and how do you access and use them in the game?

  • So what are these files for and how do you access and use them in the game?

    These images are in the "Files" folder and I am loading them using "Load image from URL". I am also reading a text file using the NWjs.ReadFile command.

    EDITED: Ok. I got it. I just included the folder name in front of the file name on the path and after I generated the files I created this folder and moved the file into it. Thanks for your help.

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