Problem after updating to r111

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  • I have a few apps I am currently working on and went to build an apk after updating to r111.

    The first time I got the following 2 errors in Android Studio after exporting as an AS Project and compiling the apk:

    error: incompatible types: PluginResult cannot be converted to boolean error: cannot find symbol variable result

    Thinking it might be something else I compiled an apk with an existing export of a different app and had no problem at all.

    Then I exported a new copy of app #2 and tried to compile an apk and got the exact same errors.

    So, it is something related to the r111 update and nothing to do with AS or my computer, which is good, lol.

    I'm also getting a weird error when exporting as a signed apk direct from C3.

    Anyone else run into this?

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