Problem with importing Construct 2 file to Construct 3

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  • Hi,

    I already have a Construct 2 license and just purchased a Construct 3 license to continue my project with C3.

    I have saved my project in C2 as a single-file. Imported 2 addons. However, when I open the file in C3, I got the error:

    "Failed to open project. Check it is a valid Construct 2 single-file (.capx) project."

    Please help. Without opening my project I can't continue working on my project.


  • Can you share your .capx file? There's not much we can do to help otherwise.

  • Ashley I don't mind sharing the file with you privately. Can you message me regarding another way of contacting you so that I can share you the link to my file?

  • You can email it to

  • I ran into the exact situation. Can I send the project file as well? Ashley ?

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  • I wonder if any solution to this problem is available as I have the same one currently. Thanks.

  • If you have a C2 project that cannot be imported to C3, and you are willing to share the project, please file an issue. If you are not willing to share the project you can send it to me at and I'll take a look, but note this is a slower and more difficult way of dealing with issues.

  • I'm having the same problem.

    The only 3rd party add-on I am using is Lite Tween. I have installed Lite Tween for C3 but that did not help. Then I simply removed all LiteTween behaviours from my C2 project but I still cannot open it.

    Ashley, I have mailed you the .capx file

  • I quick follow up.

    Ashley quickly checked my .capx and found the causes:

    1) I had a trailing space in my event sheet name. I.e. "EventsMenu " instead of "EventsMenu". This should be fixed in the next C3 release.

    2) One of my variables (a local) had the same name ("sign") as a new system variable. Easy to correct but let's hope the error message will specify name conflicts in the future.

    After my corrections I could import my .capx without any problem. LiteTween was my only 3rd part add-on and as I had installed the C3 version of LiteTween, all my LiteTween behaviours were also imported (but don't work with the C3 runtime).

    Thanks Ashley!

  • Hi Ashley,

    I'm late on joining Construct 3. I've been working on something on Construct 2 taking a long time as it's been a hobby. Now I see things are obsolete and I am concerned of having to start over. I am also confused on next steps as I am not an expert levely type. Can you help me in the right direction? I can email you my C2 Project file.

  • Sorry to revive a long dead thread but I just ran into this issue and had to go through my project line by line to find the cause of it. One of my objects had an instance variable named "ColorValue", which is now an expression in Construct 3. Deleting/renaming the variable fixed the issue for me.

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