Problem with Audio silent vs Stop all

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  • Hi,

    I'm implementing a mute option on the pause menu but I found the following problem.

    Thing is that the game music only plays in the Game Layout.

    The player can open the pause menu and mute all sounds... continue playing.

    This is the user case:

    Player starts playing, puts pause and mute music.

    Then it goes to Main menu.

    Decides to play again, enters Game Layout, it triggers music play, but it's silent... the player opens pause menu and UN Mutes the sounds.

    Now the music is not playing.

    And then when reading the docs I found:

    ...In silent mode all currently playing sounds are muted and no new sounds will play. This is useful for quickly creating an audio toggle on a title screen.

    This doesn't help tho... because is like stopping all the sounds.

    Is this a something desired? Why not play any sound in silent mode, then when silent is lifted the sound can be heard? Playing the music after un-mute sounds strange since the music will start from the beginning.

    Any insight on this?



  • Maybe tag all sounds with the same tag and mute all?

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  • Maybe tag all sounds with the same tag and mute all?

    This doesn't work as I want due to the mute works for the duration of the play, for small sfx sounds they will be muted when playing but they will sound again on the next play.

  • You can try setting the volume to -100 for tag"your tag here"

    as for re-triggering music, add another variable soundon and set it to 0 or 1 depending on whether it is quiet (-100db) then add that as a condition. It will then not start playing if the variable is set to 0 even when moving between layouts

  • Thanks.

    I ended using Silent and then re starting the looping music.

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