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  • Ayy hello,

    I am thinking about utilising Construct 3 to make a small app to send encrypted data from A to B, by using a third party plugin to encrypt data, and the multiplayer plugin to send and recieve (then decrypt on the other end).

    I wanted to ask: when exporting to Android/Windows, when a user runs the app on their phone or computer, does C3, NWJS, or Cordova, phone home at all and collect any data from the current app?

    When I say "data", I don't mean data like "what version of android does the user have", but data such as user inputted data, e.g. when you type into a textbox or when you get a photo from the "user media" or any data from the "binary data" object.

    Another way to ask this, is, if someone made a "login" system in C3, and there was a password textbox - how safe is this to do (assuming you design this correctly and encrypt before you send the data)?

    I have a feeling that the answer is "No, nothing like that is collected", but just wanted to check!

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