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  • Hi

    My game is nearly done, and I want to publish for the first time on Google Play Store.

    My question around the legal aspects. Do I need to set up a company or can I publish as an individual? Do I need a privacy policy if all I am doing is serving ads, and storing local high scores? If so, what’s the best way to generate a privacy policy and url (templates?).

    Do I need a website for the game, to provide support details and a place for the privacy URL, or can I just host the privacy url through one of the template companies I have see?.



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  • Here is my opinion, but keep it mind that it may be wrong!

    You don't need to set up a company when you publish your first small games. Just be careful not to break any rules (copyright, data collection etc.), otherwise you personally may be liable.

    You do need a Privacy Policy, there are websites that can generate a generic policy for you. And you will need to put it somewhere online, doesn't matter on what website, but the link should be accessible for everybody.

  • Thanks. Looking at Facebook Instant Games checklist, and you have to associate the app to a business? I assume individuals can’t therefore publish to Facebook?

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