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  • Hi, I was thinking of purchasing Construct 3, now that it has scripting, but then I read in a blog post from last year that in order to maintain Construct as primarily an event sheet based tool there would be some increases in prices.

    I just wanted to confirm if the current price includes scripting and when are the increases happening? Also, come next year when it is time to renew, would a break in subscription result in it renewing at the new higher price with Javascript as an extra cost? (essentially locking me into keeping the subscription running at all times even times when I may not have time to use Construct) lest Javascript become an extra cost.)

  • The pricing changes for scripting were postponed because it ended up blocked on a rewrite of the store which Tom is working on. If you purchase now you get scripting included indefinitely at no extra cost: even when the changes come in, you will keep paying the same price for as long as your subscription is active, with scripting included.

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  • Thanks very much for the reply. Glad to hear Javascript is still included!

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