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  • Any way to duplicate a project preview tab/window with C3?

    Useful for local testing of multiplayer. I could do it with C2, but not C3.

    EDIT: Found a workaround, just have to have two instances of C3 open with the same project, they can each open a preview. Being able to do this from one open project would be nice for changes made during the testing process (so the changes don't need to be saved/reopened in the second tab just to test).

    In an somewhat unrelated note, I seem to have found a bug in the pong example when the puck is sent on a near vertical trajectory. It is actually possible for it to reverse its direction during its travel across the screen! Results in one paddle being able to hit it consecutively without the puck reaching the other side.

    I suspect a rounding error with the bouncing behavior... but it was pretty significant if it can reverse the travel direction of the puck. I'm not sure if it is worth looking into, but I'm mentioning it here because I was able to reproduce this three times when the Construct 3 preview was hosting a Construct 2 preview, but not when I used two Construct 2 versions playing against each other. I wonder if there is any difference that might be worth checking out.

    I would put together a better testing environment/isolated example for a proper bug report, but the current C3 limitations prevent me from doing so at the moment.

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  • Update regarding the bounce, it isn't a bug or a rounding error, realized the ball collision box is just drawn a bit wonky.

    Although still, C2 and C3 versions behave differently for me - I don't know if this is supposed to happen. ... .capx?dl=0 ... 3.c3p?dl=0

  • Remote preview will likely help out on this end.

  • Thanks, that'll do it. I missed that post completely. Too bad it isn't available yet. I guess multiplayer isn't really available for free version either anyway.

    Going to mention I would never have found it on my own without reading that blog article. I hope it gets added to the menu dropdown.

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