Preview working slow on desktop (C3)

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  • Hey!

    I have small prototype ptoject on my C3. For some reason the game preview works really slow on my PC. But when using preview on my other PCs and even mobile, the preview works smoothly.

    When running on debug mode the fps and such seem ok, but the game just runs slow. CPU usage, object count etc are just fine as well.

    So it seems it may have something to do with my settings (Chrome or project).

    Any ideas how could I try to fix this?

  • Does the same happens when using different browser on the same computer?

    Or perhaps try turning "Hardware Acceleration" off in your browser settings.

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  • Greetings!

    Thank you, Per Atwood, for your reply, tried to switch off hardware acceleration but it went worse.

    But after testing stuff, I realized that my preview is shown in the "Dialog" window. I switched this to the popup window, and it seems that everything is working smoothly now.

    What's this? Why can dialog not be used? Is it a bug, or what's so different on dialog preview?

  • That is weird. Did you try other browsers on the very same computer?

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