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  • Ashley Is it not possible to just have a standard window to preview our games on? Like C2 and everything else?

    -Popup Window has a URL bar at the top which isn't accounted for when calculating the size of the window borders, therefore my windows are never the right size or position. It's also a bit of an eyesore. I could check if the game is in preview and then add 16px or whatever it is to the window height but it'd be cool if we could just not have the URL bar there.

    -Dialog does not have the URL bar and is therefore the correct size and position, but you can't minimize, maximize, or unfocus the window.

    -Browser tab is, well, a browser tab.

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  • I'd ask for a local preview server for the desktop version.

    Like the server C2 uses.

  • Web content can't hide the URL bar for security reasons. (E.g. a page could open a popup window with no URL bar, which looks identical to a Facebook login dialog, but the URL is actually not You need the URL bar there to be able to tell if it's real or fake.)

    The desktop builds aren't affected though so can open popups with no URL bar. I'd also point out the browser tab mode is what you always got with C2!

  • Yeah I figured it was a security thing. There are a number of subtle accommodations C3 has for this. I've been meaning to check out the desktop build for subversion control anyway so that works Thanks.

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