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    I've made some quiz game for fun and all works fine.

    Then I've added some soundfiles to the event sheets which I've had uploaded to the sounds folder.

    Make a preview and all works.

    then I've added some music to the musics folder and placed a playlist "on layout start". Construct 3 crashes immediatly then andd I have to save the project local.

    I've restored the local file, preview and it crashes again.

    So I load the project from the cloud where it is without the music but with the sounds.

    When I preview now, nothing happens. the popup comes and it doesn't load.

    I've tried to to make a desktop.exe form the project and the game works fine. But at the construct 3 online editor the preview and the debug layout still not working.

    To test it, I've deleted the sounds in the sounds folder. and the preview and debug works.

    But I want sounds and music in my game. So who can help me please to find my errors? :(

    PS: I'm also happy about performance tipps for my beginner code :)

    I've uploaded the latest c3p file here:

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