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  • I am using the latest build of C3 in the latest version of Chrome. I am having an issue where preview does not always reflect the changes made but instead shows the previous preview. I have tried saving before previewing, clearing the cache etc but i can not get not working.

    This has happened on both Windows (via Bootcamp) and Mac running Chrome. Yesterday it was happening periodically but eventually updated to reflect the changes but today it will not show the new changes no matter what I do.

    I haven't used Construct 3 much (my son uses it mainly), is this par for the course or is there some trick to get this working?

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  • Case this can happen:

    You got 2 projects, you keep previewing 1 project while modifing 2 project.

    You got 2 layouts that are same, you preview 1 layout while modifing 2 layout.

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