Potential Construct 3 drawbacks.

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  • So, I'm not super new to construct 3, and I have used it to publish a few games on the google play store. I am not a major programmer, and have found construct 3 to be awesome. But I have noticed that my Android games made with construct 3 run slower than other more complex Android games. I have read multiple articles and posts on how to reduce draw time and gpu and cpu usage. I have a pretty good understanding of how to keep construct 3 code fast and simple. But I still make games that run slower on Android phones than more complex apps. Is this because of the fact that construct 3 runs off of universal scripting languages, and not more native and specialised languages? Is this because for code to be turned into an apk it needs to jump through construct 3, Cordova, the user, and Google rather than going strait from the user to Google? (That dident make a lot of sense). Or is it because construct 3 has so many uses that there will always be unused code that construct 3 exports with the APK? What I am really asking with this post are two questions.

    Is it not normal for construct 3 to run a little slower due to its range of uses?


    What are the potential drawbacks of using construct 3? There are some with every platform.

  • Is it not normal for construct 3 to run a little slower due to its range of uses?

    If that were the case the runtime would be huge.

    Its not.

    Its slower because browsers aren't exactly great for games.

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  • Construct games should run fine on Android, and many do. It's hard to help without seeing performance information such as the relative CPU and GPU usage of the game. For example if you max out the GPU usage, then it's limited by the hardware, not Construct or any of the software. So the conclusion then is that switching software won't help and you have to optimise the game to be less intensive. If you max out on CPU usage, then you need to look at the game logic. In that case Construct's own profiler can tell you where the time is being spent and what you need to optimise. Usually it's straightforward to make improvements. JavaScript performance is extremely competitive these days and it's rare to see anything that is genuinely slow only because of the overhead of JavaScript; usually it's something else. So these days I don't think there's any performance drawback to Construct and HTML5 games.

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