Is it possible to view one event sheet as a split screen?

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  • Sometimes I need to compare code on a long and complicated event sheet. Right now I keep scrolling up and down. Is there a better way of doing this?

    I would like to be able to view the same event sheet as a split screen and scroll to different sections of code. And be able to jump back and forth for editing. If editing is done on one split-screen-view-panel, then the other view-panel (being a different view of the same event sheet) is updated immediately.

  • If there is no existing way to do this, I am going to make it a new feature suggestion.

    Does anyone else see the value in this?

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  • I would imagine it's far easier to work if you split any long event sheets up in to smaller sheets of related events, and include them. Dumping everything in to one giant sheet sounds like a headache.

  • Yes, this is the help I needed. I have always organized my code using groups. I forgot that an event sheet can be used inside of another event sheet, and it took me a bit to figure out how to add them.

    Now I have to get used to using 'include' instead of 'group'.

  • Hi everyone,

    I second you on this.

    In development term, it's really fastidious, good practices or not, at a moment, to easily find something (no filter for project and object view), obliged to scroll constantly and lose the thread. Unlike C3, the worst for me is in C2 with a too very summary search functionnality.

    No way to: filter only concerned lines, search in whole project and all event sheets, keep results in a dedied window, go to next or previous event, no visual highlighting on found elements, and when "clean search" is clicked, the focus on the last line is definetively lost, etc...

    In short, I have the impression that we are forced to click or scroll constantly in all directions to find the way by losing another.

    And I really "find" that really, really restrictive and constraining at this level for a professional development environment.

    Bookmarks system is not very practice too and definitely limited. I had read before than it will be complicated to improve things cause C2's core but it still seems to me a huge gap between current limitations and expectations of a search function worthy of the name.

    Please Ashley, can we still hope one day a significant improvement start of all this for C2 like for C3? Thank you.

  • At this point we are only maintaining C2 - any new features will be C3 only. As you mention, much of what you requested has already been implemented in C3.

  • Thanks Ashley for your answer, and yes, the feature is very cool and this find function is in my opinion one of the best C3 things.

    Ok, it needs some polishing and enhancements but I suppose it may evolves over time with all new maintenance perspectives given to you.

    Nevertheless, it is truly regrettable that this doesn't exist in C2 and I honestly have trouble understanding why nothing has never been planned at this level, not even a minimal trick, it's kind of terrible borderline sadism ( ) in the face of the application goal and complexity.

    So I suppose C2 headaches have to continue before C3 next big (desktop build) improvements and stability...

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