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  • Ashley

    Hey! I know we're not supposed to use methods and attributes with _underscore prefix but I've been trying some black magic with the EventSheet object and here's the thing. When there's a Function (the new built-in, not a plugin) call in a project, the code like this:


    hits an error:

    action.js:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'GetPlugin' of null at C3.Action._PostInit

    because there's this in action's _PostInit function:


    and unlike other actions, a Function call action doesn't have _objectClass, it's null.


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  • I'm confused what you're posting about here. If you think there is a bug in Construct, please file a bug the usual way following all the guidelines, or there is nothing we can do. If you are using the SDK and calling undocumented methods, then the manual specifically states not to do that and that we won't support it.

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