Is possible to have a html site inside a contruct project?

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  • Hi guys, i have a question about html code: is it possible to "embed" an html site inside a construct project? I'm actually working with Twine ( ) that is a framework to crate textual adventures with an hypertextual structure. It's cool! Twine exports your projects in a single .html file that you can open with a internet browser, so my question is: is possible to use Construct to "packetize" a twine story (or any html file) to add some features to the story itself? (It would be awesome to have a construct plugin to ménage directly a twine story from construct!).


  • pinellos Those plugins might help but I'm not sure if they are converted to C3.

  • With the plugins provided by bilgekaan, you can indeed display the html file, but still, it has to be converted to C3 and it is just a display without actual interaction.

    The best would be for Twine to actually export to XML or a markup language like that.

    This way, you could then, in Construct, implement you own way of displaying the story, and could have planned interactions with the use of dedicated XML tags.

    You can check this tutorial for how to use XML with Construct.

    As for making Twine export to XML, I guess this is a complete feature to add/ask to the maintainers of the project.

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  • thanks guys, my idea was to use construct to build the final distributable packets from the original html file (html format can be read everywhere from a simple browser, and this is ok for desktop users, NOT for mobile, specially smartphones). I've tried to do this using only phonegap and similar, and it work: i have built a 100% working apk and it's ok. To build a standalone ".exe" package i can use Node.js, etc. etc..., so the integration of twine in Construct make sense only in the point of view of kyatric, using XML to effectively doing a dialog between the twine story and construct: doing this, you can - for example - trig a construct event by clicking a /fake/html link in the twine story (if i have got it).

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