Is it possible to ease a layout-level effect using timelines?

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  • I need to ease in a full layout effect for a death animation, and I was hoping it would be possible with the a timeline or even the ease plugin, without having to do extra work. I can do that extra work of course, but I was wondering if that would be reinventing the wheel or not.

    Either that or if I can overlay an effect using an object, that would also work.


  • You can tween any layout/layer effect by associating it with a variable. For example I will use the "Exposure" effect. Create a global variable named "exposureVal".

    Then in the event sheet do:

    System: Every tick ---> System: Set layout effect parameter (Effect="Exposure", Parameter Index=0, Value=exposureVal)

    Now you can simply do a value tween on the variable "exposureVal" to control the effect.


    To control it using a timeline is a little more difficult but not too bad. You must create an object (sprite object for example) since timelines only work on instances of objects. This will probably work best if you only have 1 instance of the object in the layout.

    Add an instance variable on the object. Do the same as above in the the event sheet (set the effect parameter in every tick event but use the object instance variable instead). Then place an instance of that object in the layout somewhere. Then add the instance to a timeline. In the timeline, right click the object instance and click "Add properties". Then add the instance variable as a property to the timeline.

    Now you can indirectly control the effect in a timeline. Remember this is only needed for layout/layer effects. If you want to control an object effect, you can do that directly in the timeline by adding the effect as a property.

  • sirsnowy7

    There is no built in way to modify layout values with neither tweens nor timelines.

    You'll have to take the longer route for that, a value tween should do the trick for you. Set it up, and as the tween plays, assign it's value to the layout property you are interested in.

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  • Yup, this is what I used. Thanks for the help!

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