is possible a 3d viewport like sketchfab for C3?

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  • cjbruce Yes since it is the leading javascript 3D library ( Gets updated each week, it performs well, has exporters for several 3D softwares, etc ...)

  • cjbruce Yes since it is the leading javascript 3D library ( Gets updated each week, it performs well, has exporters for several 3D softwares, etc ...)



    It looks like I might need to port things over to Babylon. I'm looking forward to seeing what additional capabilities it has over Q3D.

  • R0J0hound all i can do its to rotate the world, i was wondering if there was a way to just rotate the 3d object instead? like in this example:

  • It is rotating the object though. The camera angle could be changed to look straight on if that's what you mean?

  • if its possible to rotate the object from its point of origin, when i rotate the object, all the axis rotate and for example when im going to rotate to one direction its move to another, like, to just rotate the 3d model and not the entire model with the axis.

  • how can i apply this to another capx if the code just affect the sprite with uid 0 ?

  • I think I understand. Making the camera face the object head on should solve that, or maybe something else could be done with the matrices. At any rate the code i used would need to be tweaked.

    The javascript call:


    is what affects the sprite with uid 0. You can change the 0 to any other uid.

  • thanks!! i was thinking if it was possible to change the way it does that to something like the item name instead, because we wont be able to spawn a 3d object if is using uids (for example making a earth globe appear on an educational project) that way we can just have an sprite called "3d_object" and just spawn it and load a model.

    btw i was wondering if you could create an entire new treath on the c2 forum for your new creation, so people can find it.

  • Having said that, we could possibly have it enabled per layer (so you could for example enable 3D on just one layer, then all 3D content has to appear on that - all other layers are still 2D and are treated as underlay/overlays). But I think it's odd to add a checkbox that says "Enable 3D" when nothing in the editor actually uses that!

    That would work like After Effects does, per "layer" z-plane enabling. When you do it in AE, it allows you to move objects back and forthwards, so why not allow for that too?

  • > It's possible in c2. The simplest way would be to find a Babylon3d or q3d example that just loads and displays a model, then just load that in the iframe plugin I'd guess. I'm refering to the actual JavaScript libraries and not the plugins.



    I believe that Q3D was originally imagined as a 3D visualization tool for educational apps. You don't need an iframe to use it. Here are a few examples of it in action: (username: guest password: asdf -> try the "Ionic Bonding" tutorial) (@kmsravindra posted a prototype of this to the forums a few years ago -- I can't seem to find it though)

    cjbruce, For reference...Here is the youtube demo video of the 3D Earth, Sun and Moon using Q3D plugin in C2 -

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  • >

    > i was just asking for something like a resizable iframe that loads a 3d object, but a 3d layer would be amazing, it will be really cool just to be able to import 3d objects to C3 and the idea of the "3d layer" its cool.


    I've been hoping for something like this as well. Even if you make 2d games, it would be nice with an option to maybe add some small little neat 3D elements. Maybe for the UI, or coins or boxes, cards that can flip with a bit of 3D feel. It doesn't have to be full feature 3D, with shader engine, etc etc... Just the 3D effect. maybe load a simple model in some cases, that you can rotate in more than one axis.

    Or Like when flipping a card. Currently if you want this effect, you would have to pre-render a sprite animation of X amount of frames. For a simple effect like that you would be using a lot of memory budget.

    Even CSS can do these kind of effects. So would be very nice to have it in games HTML5 games as well.

    I'm making my game in 2D isometric, but the characters I would prefer to have in 3D, so I wont be limited by 8 direction pre-rendered sprites. I love 2D but sometimes you just want a little bit of 3D effect, or small 3D objects in games. I'm considering recreating my entire game using Q3D or Babylon plugin, just so i don't have to create 200+frames for each character (several walking, running, death, animations in 8 different directions). But it would be much nicer if there was some support for simple 3D objects. My main issue right now is editing levels in 2D view, using Babylon or Q3D which is a bit of an hassle, since you constantly have to preview to see how things are going to look. Tweak, preview, tweak, preview.

    If it's possible to have a 3D layer, that would be awesome, but even better would be to a 3D object, kind of like sprites, but with one more dimension.

    Anyway, I don't need full 3D support in C2/C3, but at least a better way for the plugin makers to be able to make use of a 3D viewport for editing levels in 3D.

    This fx can be done with C2 glsl ;

    Box based 2 face demo i ve done in the past ;

    Credit card and sound from www;

    And Sure Mario Cube do that ;

  • are those 3d models? cause r0j0 just found a way to load .obj files and render them on c2

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  • are those 3d models? cause r0j0 just found a way to load .obj files and render them on c2


    Rojo does wonders on C2 especially in 3D. This effect is just based on a simple image cut in half. So no object 3d, just simply

    demonstrate how mapping 2 face of image for rotating card or coins;

  • It would be good. Construct 2 (because 2d) Construct 3 (because 3d). I think it's good idea!

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