Possibility for C3 to have the ability to post to consoles

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  • Ashley will C3 give developers the opportunity to port to consoles?

    I cite as exemple chowdren for Clickteam Fusion. So will there be the possibility for devs to create these type of exporters?


  • Chowdren caught my attention and I had a look at the source code. It is A LOT of work. Mainly, it replicates ClickTeam Fusion 2.5's engine. However, it has an advantage over Construct, because the plugins are C/C++ code also, so Chowdren can link to this libraries and it just works.

    I was thinking about doing something similar for Construct, but it is not viable, mainly because of the plugins. If you want to support every plugin, you should recode it in C++, and it is not a good idea.

    As I see it, there are only two "good" options:

    1.- If someone wants to do a Chowdren for Construct, in the sense of native performance, instead of coding it in C++ I would code it for Unity, because you would have the engine part done for you, having access to all the platforms that Unity supports. You still have the plugins problem (you would have to replicate the functionality in Unity for each one of them), but for a closed game (where you know which functionality you need) it can be doable. In other words, I would do a Construct->Unity translator. If I have the enough will to finish the game I'm doing right now, I will try this solution for myself.

    2.- Do a wrapper for each platform you want to support, embedding a Javascript interpreter. This could be A LOT of work, because every platform has its own set of private APIs (graphics, audio, etc.), and they can differ a lot.

    In my opinion, there is no good generalist solution to this problem, and I doubt that Scirra will dedicate resources to do the wrapper thing (the first option is not scalable), although it would be awesome.

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  • I believe C3 will export to xbox one.

  • C2 does it now, through Edge browser.

  • Yes, we are working on an Xbox Live plugin and the UWP export can then be published to Xbox One.

  • Thanks for the answers. And that would be neat!

    I hope theres news from the Switch side as that would be interesting to develop games for that console.

  • We know as much as you do about the Switch - Nintendo haven't said a thing to us about it, despite us asking about it!

  • Yes, we are working on an Xbox Live plugin and the UWP export can then be published to Xbox One.

    Is this for C3 only or C2 as well? I see that the MS post mentions C2 specifically, but as this is the C3 forum, I thought it may be good to ask for clarification since there doesn't seem to be any other publicly available information.

  • We'll be providing the Xbox Live features for both C2 and C3.

  • That's great news! Xbox is such a nice place to get your game published. Does the plug-in include achievements/ cloud saving? Construct could be a viable option for play everywhere games on the windows 10 ecosystem if cloud saves are possible.

  • We'll be providing the Xbox Live features for both C2 and C3.

    Is there a timeline on when this will be available?

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