Porting C2 projects into C3 after 1 July 2021

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  • Hi,

    I've been seeing this info saying that Construct 2 will be fully retired on 1 Jul, 2021 for maybe even a year. I've already bought C3 licence and done one project in it, but I have a lot of projects made in C2 that I wasn't able to port to C3 yet, because of lack of time. I just thought that it will always be possible to modify old C2 project using old C2, so that it doesn't use plugins unsupported by C3, and then to open it in C3. But now I know that Scirra also wants to get rid of C2 runtime from C3. And this information together with some Scirra's prompt saying that they recommend porting C2 projects to C3, because after 1 July it might be not possible to open C2 projects in C3 (I'm not sure if it was exactly like that), makes me confused. I just would like to know if I still will be able to do these ports after 1 July, putting some work into it of course, even through opening it in older C3 versions with C2 runtime? I'm just afraid that some of my C2 projects might be completely useless in the future if I won't port them before 1 July and I'm considering to fully focus on porting all my games at this moment, but due to other duties I'd rather schedule the whole process for longer time.

    Ashley If you could clarify this matter, it would be really great.


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  • Even if newer versions of C3 stop supporting importing c2p files, the older versions will let you import your old C2 projects and once you're done removing all the things are are deprecated you can get it to the latest version of C3.

  • C2 will also still work after July 1st... Same as it always has.

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