Porting C2 Projects to C3 and honest opinions to switch

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  • My C2 projects don’t have any plugins per say, but if I was to drop the capx files directly in a C3 project, does it completely transfer all events nicely or is there hiccups?

    On another point: Those that have switched to Construct 3, what are your pros and cons?’

    My issue, besides one time pricing, is I don’t always have the time to really fine-tune things sometime months on end. That’s why I loved C2...I could spend years working on multiple projects without having to worry about subscription running out.

    Anyone have any good experiencing porting game to XBOX One?

    Thanks for any input. I’m on the verge of taking the leap to C3.

  • Ayy, I think it would be a generally smooth transition for you as you do not use 3rd part plugins. I think you can open capx files in C3 even if you are not subscribed, so you could check it out maybe.

    One thing you may want to do when you do load your capx in, is convert all your functions to the new C3 functions - it works a bit differently to C2 functions so I'd recommend checking out the C3 manual on functions. This might cause problems depending on how you use functions in your original capx.

    I can relate with you - I sometimes don't develop anything for months at a time - but thankfully this year, Scirra have started offering monthly subscriptions, which is great as you could just unsubsribe when you realise your time is limited. I've found I've not used C3 for some months and have saved money by unsubbing (my subscription recently ran out again as I'm working on a project in C2 that doesn't really gain much from being ported to C3, not to mention I use a lot of 3rd party plugins and it's a pain to delete 3rd party plugin events in c2 and need to cross reference from c2 to C3 to recreate events/actions).

    C3 is great! It's very comparable to C2 and the fact its in a browser doesn't ruin anything really.

    The recent scene graph feature makes it really easy to pair up objects, rather than needing to make a variable for each objects.

    Some things will randomly catch you out, like, the "Crop" scaling mode was removed in c3, even though some of my projects depend on this for dynamic screen sizes with UI positioning and such. But this can be worked around with the other options and some events.

    One hot take - I don't think there's anything you can do in C3 that you can't do in C2. C3 makes some things easier, but in the end, you could have made whatever you were trying to make in c2, though you'd have to rely on 3rd party plugins for this.

    I'd say check C3 out for a month, it's a great bit of kit.

  • Thanks for the insight. Yeah, the functions are some of things I worry about. I have one massive project and would love to know it would transfer smoothly so I can continue playing without any errors.

    I might have more time near the Holiday, so I’m leaning towards attempting it for a month.

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  • It's alright! With functions, I don't think it'd break your project or anything major, but worst case might require reworking some of your functions to use the new c3 functions type.

    Thankfully there's an option in C3's event sheet view, where you can right-click an old function and convert it to the new c3 function type, which worked well for me when I've used it!

    I think there's something that other users have come across, I think "calling functions within expressions" becomes a bit different? You can read about "function maps" in the c3 manual if this is the case.

  • That’s good to hear of the convert function. Gives me a little relief.


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