please return the debug button in front like construct 2

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  • please return the debug button in front like, in build 2.

  • Press Shift-F4 or Shift-F5 to preview in debug mode.

  • Press Shift-F4 or Shift-F5 to preview in debug mode.

    not very handy. and even less handy on laptops with media keys instead of F buttons

    I'm agree, test button is necessary

  • Usually you can press F4 with Fn key, or even enable F1-F12 keys to work without Fn in BIOS.

  • Usually you can press F4 with Fn key, or even enable F1-F12 keys to work without Fn in BIOS.

    media keys are more important than F on laptops

    And I do not see a reason why not allow people to customize the panel with buttons.

    we can check in setting if we want debug or remote preview buttons

  • This micro-optimization saves a couple of minutes per month (presumably). I don't understand why it is problematic to click one additional button (drop-down list). Or after the changes, you can open the previous preview window and press F5 (with or without the Fn key) - the window will load the changes (correct me if I'm wrong, as I've only tested on small projects).

  • Everybody has their own style of work

    It is logical to have this button, at least as an optional feature

    I do not know, may be the reason is a very small drop-down button, that you got to search on the high DPI screen, and sometimes pressing preview button instead

    And the shortcut isn't very handy

    I have a big hand and compact laptop keyboard, but even for me to press Shift+Fn+F5 is hard even harder than to find a small arrow of the preview drop-down menu

    Can't say that can't work without a separated debug button, but in the C2 it was realized much more intuitive

  • I don't think it's a huge deal, but I do personally prefer having the debug button available as well considering how much it is used.

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  • The preview window does not need to be refreshed with the cache refreshed. Updating the page is done with the F5 key (you do not need to enter the Fn key). I missed (не попадаю) the button in C2 just like in C3.

    But like you said "Everybody has their own style of work". Ashley, your opinion.

  • What I definitely don't understand is why there's no "Debug project" option in this list, only "Debug layout".

  • I do agree with this, same with the "remote preview" button, which, I use 100% of the time, as I use C3 in Chrome, but need to always test with NWJS.

    But then furthermore with remote preview, if you use this, then you know you need to click "reload" on the remote preview window each time you preview. Would be cool if there was a tick-box setting that you could tick to "auto-reload all remote devices when clicking preview", because then I'd literally be able to minimise the remote preview window and never need to interact with it. It'd make the chrome + NWJS combination work almost perfectly (the only missing thing would be, how do you get debug on a remote preview?)

    I'm a fan of saving those repetitive few clicks, especially when it's something you commonly need to do!

  • "auto-reload all remote devices when clicking preview"

    That would be really convenient, because the current "Reload all" refreshes the page for all users, but without changes

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