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  • I really don’t think this is a bug yet so I am looking for some feedback from people who have published games for both mobile and web, when moving the player around at a set speed, say 5 pixels, the player movement is actually dependent on the device. Other objects in the layout seem unaffected and do their thing at normal speeds. This is very bizarre to me, you can see this issue if you load my work in progress (pre-pre-alpha) (forgive it, that is not how the game is going to be played, I am testing objects, just touch/hold on mobile to move around, or use mouse left button down to move around, test goal is to activate all turrets, just touch/hold over them to activate)

    I am seeing difference in player move speed depending on device, whether it is android, Apple or desktop, even browsers make a difference. The players speed is static at 5 pixels, any suggestions?

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  • If you are moving 5 pixels per frame

    then your player speed will be dependant on frame rate.

    Diferent devices may give you diferent performance

    which will affect framerate

    and thus give you different movement speeds...

    ...unless you make your movement framerate independant...

  • Thanks, I’ve change it to be 250*dt but still see a speed difference between devices, I will keep testing.

    It took getting up to 250*dt to equal the 5px for some reason.

  • using dt should work unless FPS is lower than 30 then you will get movement slowdown. post a c3p

  • Thanks for offer of help to review my project but I have too much proprietary in the full project, I will thin down to a new project later tonight and post that up with the movement layout so you can see what I am doing. It's pretty straight forward, in layout I have an event


    Touch: is in touch

    System: Every tick

    Actions: set angle towards (touch.x, touch.y)

    Move forward 250xdt pixels

    Scroll to Player

    That's pretty much it, so on touch, move the player towards the touch, of course I also have other events like spawn the bullet, etc, but that section above fully describes how I am moving the player.

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