any plans for SteamDeck support?

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  • seeing how Steam is now officially rolling out the SteamDeck

    it would be great if somehow Scirra could get into talks with people at Valve and inquire about some SDK-type tools or access to whatever their API is going to be.

    The SD will have touch and other mobile-like it seems like a no-brainer for construct devs!

    obviously its super early and I know specific platform exporters you've been hesitant about but Ashley could this be something to seriously consider?

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  • Given the way Valve are marketing the SteamDeck I'd be surprised if the controls, mouse, and touchscreen aren't all just recognised as standard devices that should already work with C3's Gamepad, mouse and touch behaviours. Going to be interesting to see how the release goes.

  • Steam Deck will be running SteamOS, which is Linux based. So Linux nw.JS builds will already work and are supported.

    Edit: Windows builds should also work fine via Proton, which is also supported.

  • yes I have no doubt it will all be supported like a PC is supported, I just mean there might possibly be things in the api specialized to the SD. I could be wrong, but I'm just saying it can't hurt to reach out and connect. I find the folks at Value very approachable and nice.

  • We'd need browser APIs to access any device-specific features. As pointed out hopefully all the existing APIs such as Gamepad cover it. If not then it's probably not much use us talking to Valve, they'd need to talk to browser vendors.

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