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  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know if there are any plans for new behaviors to be added that are more basic for different game types?

    Most of what I see being worked on in the Beta releases is advanced stuff that I will personally never be able to use (not saying it shouldn't be added though). But I see a lot of basics missing.

    Most no-code-needed engines I see have a high focus on platforms (I'm because the are the easiest to set pre-built functions for), and construct is no different. I would love to see more options for other genres

    Some ideas of basic functions I think should be added:

    - RTS Behaviors

    - Ability to click and drag to select multiple objects.

    - Click and move to closest point pathing.

    - Placing objects in-game (ie shadow representations and placing)

    - RPG Behaviors

    - Inventory actions

    - Combat behaviors

    These are just some thoughts I have.

    I welcome constructive conversation.

  • Most of those things you listed aren't exactly behaviours, and can be achieved with only a few lines of code using existing behaviours.

    If you want to suggest a new behaviour I would try and narrow down something to a specific core function that does not exist as a behaviour, then test that against the difficulty of implementing it with current options.

    I welcome new behaviours that are relevant and improve qol, but I wouldn't want to see the behaviours menu bloated with the addition of behaviours that can easily be achieved in events.

    For example your placing objects in game suggestion can be achieved in three events using:

    On click - create shadow mouse.XY

    Every tick - set shadow to mouse.XY

    On button release - create sprite mouse.XY - Destroy shadow

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  • Actually, some of the mechanics you are talking about are covered in Construct's start page and are too "specific" to be a behavior but instead are meant to be implemented by the user.

    Some of your suggestions are pretty vague:

    - RTS Behaviors

    - RPG Behaviors

    What would you exactly expect those "behaviors" to do ?

    - Ability to click and drag to select multiple objects.

    The RTS template does that:

    - Click and move to closest point pathing.

    Pathfinding behavior already exists and can help with that.

    Check these examples from the start page :

    The MoveTo behavior can help as well.

    Examples :

    - Combat behaviors

    Check this course by Laura :

    - Inventory actions

    Check those blog articles from Laura on the subject of making an RPG game and the various mechanics she implemented, including an inventory and crafting features :

    You can read more about making suggestions to Construct in this topic :

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