How to pin object to appear in correct position?

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  • I have used pin behavior to appear the image with its origin point.

    I have created an image origin point to make explosion spawn from the different origin point and the other object pinned to appear in a different position.

    Now I am facing this the second object which is plane flame appears on different origin point. How to change it.

    The first plane appears which its correct position with the flame pin and used container so both the object will destroy by hitting. But other images appear with the wrong flame position.

    Event sheet is here for randomly creating an enemy plane and flame with pin behavior which is in the container.

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  • Your current logic will create the flame at image point 0 on the plane, I guess that's still in the centre? If you created other image points then the simplest way is 'flame set position to another object' where you can select a different image point.

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