Pigs Gone Ape, for real LOL

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  • Ok, so in an effort to make a new project to give for Line of Sight problem, plus i found other problems due to path finding and solid objects, I found a way to make an insane thing, makes no sense, does nothing like it should, and is totally off the wall.


    I zipped up the construct 3 file, this is done in R106

    So what to expect.

    If you don't want to download the project, just watch the YouTube of this one, it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to explain this to the dev team, literally, i have no words to explain this, why it happens or anything, it is beyond my ability.


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  • For the Line of Sight issue, in Event 2 you're looking for LOS on Pig but then doing actions on Family2, but they are treated as different things (even if the Family just contains Pig), so with no specific instance of Family2 picked it's applying the actions to all of them.

    Fix would be to change the Event to LOS on Family2

    The Pig2 pathing could be partly caused by a similar issue in that you are just moving to Family2 without picking a specific instance of Family2.

    Presumably you are spawning the Pig2 in Event 3 (which I can't see in the video), so you could move the find path code there to pick the Family2 that you have LOS on.

  • cyborgsattack.com/files/img_0146.jpg


    Line of sight still has very slight issue but livable, however, pathfinding still screwed up.

    Should be straight line from player to pig with player seeing target.

    The arcing still has me baffled.

    I've attached images here, the starting thread includes the project if you want to play with it.

  • Yeah, this code makes no sense, but it's working as it's supposed to.

    Pigs (Pig2 sprites) are moving in arcs because pathfinding is clashing with bullet behavior. If you disable Bullet, Pig2 sprites will move straight to the first instance of Family2. (Since there are multiple Family2 instances, an instance with the lowest UID is used as pathfinging target in event #7).

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