How to pick the inst after create it by name?

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  • I can't find any conditions about SOL of this...

    Since "create inst by name" is available in C3, how can I pick the one I created?

    Cause the name of sprites is variable, I put all the sprites I may create into a famliy. Then after create one of them. I use pick family by compression or pick all family---- It doesn't work...

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  • If c3 is like c2 then construct doesnt update the internal object list until the next loop. When the object is created you can store its UID in a variable then use in the family object pick by uid.

  • Same question. I'd like to create object in a function and then set some variables and spawn side objects. You can do this with the classic "Create Object" or "Spawn another Object" because Construct pick the correct last created object. But how to to the same with "Create Object by Name" and pick the last created one ?

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