Petition!!! colors in event list, for visual simplicity!!! :D

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  • Hi, I would like to request that a color function be implemented for the list of events, for which we have vision problems or difficult to read a long list of events.

    this function would automatically put colors in the events and actions.

    helping to quickly locate the part of the code we are looking for when we have many events.

    this would also serve for education, other programs work like this. An example ; scrath:

    I do not request to change or select the colors, what I ask is a default configuration inside construct 3 that automatically gives the events the predetermined colors.

    This would also be very useful when you read a .capx file from another person and try to decipher it.

    I hope this request is liked and carried out.


  • This seems unnecessary because :

    - You shouldn't be reading another person's capx file

    - The long list of events, you should have written them so generally know what to look for

    - There is a search option to find any event

  • You can also add colours to your comments

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  • am in a community, where we send .capx files when we have a problem, this is something that can not be done ???

    I think that either I did not express myself well or you did not understand me, this request would serve to facilitate teaching, use construct in schools more accurately and for people who have difficulty seeing or understanding it, the visual language by colors is something that applies in many programs

    Elliott the option would be some predetermined colors by scirra and not by the user, as in the example that I have put of scrath.

    This would also be useful for people working in a team, to quickly read their list of events and find what you are looking for.

  • yes I'm used to receiving capx files, you can comment where the error is in the code if you have a general idea. Even if I received a capx from someone who had a bug and trouble finding out where the problem is, colour coded events would not resolve that problem, so I am saying it is not useful in that situation.

    If you're talking about using colours for people with learning difficulties then that's something different.

  • You can post any feature suggestions in here

  • the coding by colors can be useful in different cases, I have expounded several examples for what can be useful.

    It would be useful to work in a team, for education, for people who have visual problems or difficulties.

    the color patterns are easier to memorize or to separate them metalically when reading, for example for dyslexics.

    I have already placed my request, you can find it here:

    There was a similar request to mine, and they have merged. You can find it here:

    vote if you find it interesting or at least you want to help people who have learning difficulties for one reason or another.

  • lxst.kid

    Editor Design

    Sorry, but I have to disagree and that is one thing I think is not necessary and it could compromise Construct 3's elegant and professional design. And in terms of educational and professional purposes, it also isn't a good design practice, in general.

    Possible Issues

    1. Rainbow Event-Sheets. This will be an eyesore.
    2. Construct 3 would look unprofessional like Scratch.
    3. Increase in project size and project loading duration.
    4. Increase in event sheet loading.
    5. The Construct 3 Editor Themes would look weird, especially the "Dark Theme".
    6. People relying on possible messy "event colors" rather than "clean comments" and "organization".


    I think the Group Colors are already enough. Even though Group colors are rarely used, but instead of helping, they actually make things confusing in the long run, professionally. They are very useful minimally used though, that's why Groups are still alright.

    That would be the same case with colored events, only that it would be worse. Mixing colors in the event sheet will make things end up looking like a rainbow, which is not a good design practice, unprofessional, eyesore and untidy looking.

    The goal is to design your project or events that makes it easier to read. Like commenting, grouping events and event factoring. Also, use functions, arrays, dictionaries to avoid redundant events. And if there are available addons for a task, use them for optimization and to avoid messy events.

    Design Difference


    Construct 3

    This is a screenshot of my project

    As you can observe, the Construct 3 Editor looks more professional and easy to look at and attempt to read. Because, it doesn't flash you with different colors, which is bad for the eyes if given enough time. Construct 3 Editor's current design is more professional, organized, clean and healthier to your eyes.


    In terms of educational purposes, it's better to teach them how to design, organize and write clean events, logic and comments rather than being dependent on colors which is actually confusing and an eye-strain, which is bad for the health.

    This will get them ready for their professional career when they learn how to make simple, neat and clean designs on their work.

    I hope that shed some light on the subject. Have a nice day.

  • Thank you for your response, it shows that you have not understood what we are requesting.

    1- this would be an OPTIONAL function (nothing would change your beautiful and elegant theme in black ...)

    2- scirra has said on several occasions that c2 / C3 is thought for education, this function would help education.

    3-just change the colors, not the size of the events ...

    4-you should not increase the load of the list of events, since it is only an internal graphical

    configuration, which already has c2 / c3.

    5- you only care about your vision, not about people with vision problems or learning difficulties ... thanks

    6-the programming by colors, is something demonstrated that they work, not only in SCRATH, all the publishers of codes have the function of codes by colors ....

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