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  • why is my c3 account still limited edition,,?

    even though I have become a personal account.

    all my downloads c3p don't open,

    only part of the event sheet is open.

  • my account

    but When I open the download, some of the event sheets are still missing, like there is still an account limit edition

  • Did you save? It looks like you are logged in fine. Even if you are on a free edition, you can still open and see projects that exceed the limitations, and there will be a notice at the bottom that you've exceeded the limitations and can't add any new events.

  • I didn't save,

    it was downloaded yesterday from my best friend,

    then I opened the missing event sheet which was partly limited to 40,

    the notification below I had to upgrade to personal,

    after the upgrade purchae by paypal,

    I opened it again, still some of it is still missing, only the notification below has disappeared.

    sorry my bad english,,,!

    i newbie,,,!

  • The trial version will never remove events. You can even open a file with 1000 events and they will all be there, you just won't be able to change them - try logging out and opening the Demonaire example.

    If you are missing events, the events were not there to begin with in that file.

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  • Perhaps try opening the file in the Construct 3 Beta version. If your friend has it, then you need it too.

  • From the screenshots, you do not appear to be running the free edition, but the complete edition.

    I'm afraid your .c3p file contains 6 events, and that's it.

    From the look of it, everything "is fine" so far.

    You perhaps attempted to save your file when you were in free edition, going over the number of events the free edition allows, and so the file was not saved.

    It sounds like a "I thought I had saved my file" issue.

    It is a good time to learn to backup regularly and possibly set the backup options.

    If those were already set, perhaps you can try and check if you do not have a .backup file existing on your hard-drive that you can recover your project from.

  • sorry for everything,

    i'm stupid. construct3 is a perfect program.

    i'm not observant.

    problem closed, thanks,,,,,,!

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