persist states not saving over game restarts

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  • Hi

    So I kind of feel like the manual is a bit lacking with regards to the persist behaviour, but I thought I would do some tests and see if this is something that I could use instead of my current system.

    Anyway, I have chests that only spawn the first time a specific level is beaten and they hold an upgrade for the player. If the player has already beaten that level, the game goes straight to the next screen.

    I thought I would have been able to add a persist state to the chest and have a boolean that lists if it's been opened or not, then check each time that level gets beaten.

    It works as long as I leave the program running, but as soon as I close the program down and re-launch it, the chest reverts to its original state.

    So I'm wondering, is there a way to make a persist instance save its state even after a program relaunch?


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  • Persist is a different thing to a save game. Persist is saying that during the game the chest will keep the same state between layouts rather than refresh its state and variables. When you start a new game it is new data unless you are loading and saving. You can use system save to save the state of the game that includes the objects with persist at that point, and then when you launch the game load the system save.

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