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  • Im having some performance problems when Im using Construct 3. When I start the engine everything works fine but after some minutes using it, the program gets very slow and the performance gets really bad (changing sprites positions, copying and pasting, adding events...) everything gets slow. Everytime I restart the program it works fast and the performance is normal, so I dont know if the problem is in my computer or if my game is too heavy (the file is only 8mbs when I save it on Dropbox) or if there is some setting to chance to make the engine work better. If anyone knows what I can do, please tell me.

    My computer info:

    - Intel Core i5 (9th gen)

    - Nvidia Gtx 1650 (for laptops)

    - 16gb ram

    - SSd memory

  • Unfortunately, C3 is at the mercy of your browser's plugins/addons. As a test, try temporarily disabling all plugins and run it again. Then, if the issue is resolved, start enabling plugins one at a time until it starts slowing down again. Then you'll have your culprit.

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  • Thank you very much for your help. Im not using any other addon on Construct but the default ones, and also my browser dont have any pluggin or extension, but what I found out is that when I use Construct 3 directly from the browser (not the "app" version), it works a little better than the app version, I dont know why. This problem still happens in the browser, but less then before.

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