Perfomance bug on C3 with tilemaps?

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  • In c2 i get max 10% of CPU usage, after import in C3 gets 100% CPU

    I use tilemaps of 1x1 size and only one tile. Maybe in C3 the rendering is not optimized as was in C2? Any idea Ashley ?

    Somebody can try it? Maybe in C3 it needs some checkbox that needs to be activated/deactivated? ¿?

    When you move the player, in C2 its 10% max usage on CPU, but in C3 on move player, using arrows it gets 100% CPU, in my case. ¿?

  • FYI, the tilemap object was never designed to be used with 1x1 tiles. It was designed for each tile to be a reasonably sized independent image.

    Using C3, the C3 runtime is faster than the C2 runtime. It appears to sit idle most of the time, but when you click, the C2 runtime spikes the CPU usage up to 30%, but the C3 runtime only spikes the CPU usage up to 7%. So it looks like the C3 runtime is about 4x faster.

  • Sorry i should explain better, move the player!

    When you move the player, in C2 its 10% max usage on CPU, but in C3 on move player, using arrows it gets 100% CPU, in my case. ¿?

    Thats 10x times more slower!

    BTW, in my tests, in both cases worst, on click the C2 gets max 5-6% on C3 it gets 8-12% sometimes. So no idea. (Using Chrome in both cases)

  • Yep seems is that. I turned On and then the perfomance is bad as in C3.

    EDIT: Jus saw mode OFF was removed for some reason, so i gues then, what i said in last post, some plugin/behaviour focused on destructible terrain then Ashley

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  • Should probably make a suggestion to make a condition that detects if an object is overlapping a point, rather than using "pick by point" as a Boolean.

    Picking something that you've already picked doesn't make a lot of sense, and if the "feature" changes someday, then you're up the creek.


    Also there's no draw calls if the object is transparent.

  • Yeah thats an old example, now i not use pick or overlaping, get the XY hit point via LineOfSight and apply erase tiles with a radius formula to make a hole.

    Due as Ashley said , tilemap is not made for that, then will be great some plugin or behaviour on C3 to add destructible terrain to any sprite/tilebackground or whatever.

    So a focused object/bahviour with options to config as needed will be great, if the tilemap seamless thing is not possible on C3.

    In C2 with the tilemap trick i was able to do this , and FPS at 60 with low CPU usage: . Now in C3 that is imposible.

    I found some JS script about destructible terrain here:


    And this one looks good too, on removing the terraing without nothing underhim goes down for a more realistic platformer:

  • Just filled an idea with all this :P

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