make payment subscription just for CLOUD SERVICES

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  • instead of a payment subscription for using Construct 3, we should only pay a subscription for using CLOUD SERVICES such as save files and exporting, Contruct 3 should be a one time payment as Construct 2, i know this decision was made to pay the servers, but im 100% sure only few of us will use it, it will be better just to pay once for the use of the tool ratter than the entire server's service.

  • I was very curious how can it handle the file management, besides if you import mp3 sound files, how is the browser can convert into m4a and ogg?

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  • +1 to OP

    There can still be a one time fee (at discount for existing owners, preferably) for C3 and every few years for the new C4, C5, etc.


    • subscription fee for users who opt to use the web-based IDE/cloud functionality (not most, I'd assume)
    • keep personal/business licenses the same
    • one time fee for new versions of Construct (at discount, for existing owners) every 2, 3 or 4 years (3 seems about right... I'd like 4, but I'm sure Scirra would prefer 2)
    • if you don't want to "upgrade" to the new Construct every 2/3/4 years, guarantee at least security/bug fix updates to any version of Construct until program end of life (say.. 6 years after launch?)
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